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Step into the world of tradition with Prima Donnas Entertainment's Traditional Acts, where cultural richness and heritage shine. Our captivating Chinese Lion and Dragon Dances bring centuries-old customs to life, filling your event with vibrant energy and symbolism. Experience the grace and serenity of a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, where every sip holds a piece of history. Our talented Caricaturists capture moments in playful sketches, while Speed Painters turn blank canvases into masterpieces in moments. No matter the tradition you choose, our Traditional Acts are ready to transport your event into the heart of cultural heritage.

global traditions

Welcome to Prima Donnas Entertainment's Global Traditions, a captivating showcase of culturally significant performances from around the world. Immerse yourself in the artistry of Chinese Lions and the Dragon Dance, experience the grace of a traditional Tea Ceremony, and unleash creativity with our Caricaturists. Witness the magic of Speed Painters as they transform canvases before your eyes. Our traditional acts celebrate diverse heritages, bringing a touch of global elegance and entertainment to your event. Explore our category for a customized traditional experience that adds cultural richness to any occasion.

Musical Instruments


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