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Welcome to Prima Donnas Entertainment's Arabic Speciality Acts, where the captivating charm and cultural richness of the Arab world come to life. Our category is a diverse collection of performances that celebrate the traditions, artistry, and enchantment of the Middle East, our acts showcase the spirit of Arabic entertainment. Explore the exotic allure of Arabic culture through our Arabic Acts, and let us create a customised experience that infuses your event with the magic of the Arab world.

majestic middle east

Where Arabian culture comes to life in a tapestry of captivating acts. Explore the intricate artistry of Henna, indulge in the flavors of Arabian hospitality with Coffee and Juice Porters, marvel at the grace of Falcons, get lost in tales from Storytellers, and savor the sweet delights of Sweet Makers. Each act offers a unique glimpse into Arabian traditions, adding elegance, flavor, and storytelling magic to your event.

Musical Instruments


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